To Be Sexy or Not?


That is the Question!

We are often bombarded by magazines telling us what’s hot now, what’s no longer hot; the trend of the day, the trend of the month, the trend of whenever/whatever, the “accepted” size etc etc. I adore style, anything that looks beautiful, I want to rock it and for me, sexy is the ability to feel confident, empowered, happy, —– fill in the________! Sexy, doesn’t mean sex, well, that’s MY opinion, but I know we can each have differing opinions.

As usual, Pinterest is my playground, whenever I get the chance, and the pictures above are just a few styles I really like from Pinterest, nope, stealing others photos aren’t my thing, but I just think these were some beautiful styles. I see these fellow sisters as beautiful, sexy women who are confident, empowered, happy and – fill the _______! They do not need a magazine to tell them they’re beautiful or they have to dress in a specific way; however, they are rocking sexy well.

Sexy comes in all styles, colours, sizes, shapes, beliefs…..

Rock on with your sexy self sisters, and brothers, you too, don’t think for one moment I’m leaving out my guys!

Simply, we’re just Figuring It Out! Right?

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That!

(The Photos are used for reference, if you recognise yourself and wish to be credited, please, feel free to let me know) 🙂