When You Have A Dream…

…Defy All Odds!

Good morning(evening/night) to my fellow Pressers! Today is another day of motivation burning in my soul and I just HAVE to pass on the goodness to each of you. Today, go out and conquer something of importance to you; whether it is a small portion of the bigger picture, the middle that bridges the gap of the bigger picture or in the case that it is the finale, congratulate yourself for taking on the task and not giving in to lose out; because yes, there are the days we do give in, those are the days we rejuvenate the spirit to go out and try harder, but, we Complete the Task/the Dream/the Difference/the Challenge!

Impossible is just a big word

When God created each of us, He gave us EVERYTHING we required from the beginning to the end! Some things we have to search for, some things are easily found. We are ALL Heroes in our own right, infect someone with your heroic selves today, if you already had a head start to doing so – WELL DONE! If not, hey, it’s never too late. Go out and Conquer, it is Your Blessing! We’re Figuring It Out – Together!

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That!