Recycle, Reuse and Make Delicious Roasted Pepper Ketchup!

For quite a while, in my quest of learning and researching ways in which I can make a positive impact within my community, and at large, our world, I have been learning a lot about nutrition, the importance of growing food, caring for food in a non-chemical way (hallelujah compost heaps) and some pretty yummy meals that can be made when the grown food is harvested. When something is good, it is worth being shared and I am SO happy I came across the Kitchen Vignettes Blog, a series of Farm To Table meals that can be enjoyed by family, friends and other loved ones.

In this specific video shared, Tonya from Toronto teaches us, not only how to make a yummy Roasted Pepper Ketchup, but also, the importance of recycling, reusing and helping our environment. Hooray Tonya and to each of you on the quest for making our planet the beloved dwelling place God meant it to originally be – Hats off and Ten Thumbs Up to you too. Let’s keep at it!

As you know, on this path of healthy, communal love-styles amidst my loved ones and our shared home of Planet Earth, I’m Still Figuring It Out!

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That!


Here’s Looking At You!


Is it just me? Or is it that we cannot have enough of Lupita Nyong’o? Fashion, style and beauty comes in all different packages we know, but this beauty is more than amazing. Her life is a message to everyone that – the impossible IS Possible! Don’t let it pass you by. Everyone has their time and opportunities will arise – again and again! Just enjoy the ride either way and rock it fine style like our girl!