To Be Sexy or Not?


That is the Question!

We are often bombarded by magazines telling us what’s hot now, what’s no longer hot; the trend of the day, the trend of the month, the trend of whenever/whatever, the “accepted” size etc etc. I adore style, anything that looks beautiful, I want to rock it and for me, sexy is the ability to feel confident, empowered, happy, —– fill in the________! Sexy, doesn’t mean sex, well, that’s MY opinion, but I know we can each have differing opinions.

As usual, Pinterest is my playground, whenever I get the chance, and the pictures above are just a few styles I really like from Pinterest, nope, stealing others photos aren’t my thing, but I just think these were some beautiful styles. I see these fellow sisters as beautiful, sexy women who are confident, empowered, happy and – fill the _______! They do not need a magazine to tell them they’re beautiful or they have to dress in a specific way; however, they are rocking sexy well.

Sexy comes in all styles, colours, sizes, shapes, beliefs…..

Rock on with your sexy self sisters, and brothers, you too, don’t think for one moment I’m leaving out my guys!

Simply, we’re just Figuring It Out! Right?

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That!

(The Photos are used for reference, if you recognise yourself and wish to be credited, please, feel free to let me know) 🙂


Juicing for Health, Juicing for Wealth


So, it turns out that juicing is the new trend, but, is it specifically a trend? Or, is it a lifestyle we can actually adapt to? For quite a while, I have been doing lots of personal research on nutrition and I’ve come to understand that – well – nutrition cannot actually be a hurtful thing. First, I just thought to myself, “great, another trend that will be short-lived,” but when I came across a couple of documentaries about people who adapted to this lifestyle, I recognised, it’s not so bad after all. Besides, if it can help save some expensive medical bills, why not give it a shot. Sure, purchasing the “ingredients” can be time-consuming and some people say it’s too expensive, but compared to purchasing crazy GMO-laced foods and sometimes, the challenging concoction of meds for ailment, I think I don’t mind trying this route. I really wish we can all just be well. Can we support each other in being healthy and wealthy together? Can we be our brothers and sisters keepers? Can we just wish and act greatness into each other’s lives? Life truly is what we make of it! Let’s make it worthwhile with each other!

I decided to take myself to the challenge. Not that it has been so long, but, within the first four (4) days of doing just juices, I lost five (5) pounds and recognised there was a little more of a glow to my complexion than usual. Not that I am a guru or trying to turn anyone over to this lifestyle, but, with regards to health and beauty, two (2) of my favourites, it wasn’t such a bad thing. Any similar experiences? Or am I just crazy here by myself? What do you think?

A little bit of this, A little bit of that!

Here’s Looking At You!


Is it just me? Or is it that we cannot have enough of Lupita Nyong’o? Fashion, style and beauty comes in all different packages we know, but this beauty is more than amazing. Her life is a message to everyone that – the impossible IS Possible! Don’t let it pass you by. Everyone has their time and opportunities will arise – again and again! Just enjoy the ride either way and rock it fine style like our girl!