Figuring It Out – Who am I?


Hey ya’ll, so, who is this crazy chick, yes a lady, playing she’s some sort of a guru?!? Well, I’m not a guru on anything, let’s just get that clear, but, I am a young woman who loves life and while we are plagued by all the crazies and beauties of what is good, bad or in between for us, according to TV, Magazines and all these other crazies that have no right of telling us how to live, I’ve decided, hmmm, time we separate the sheep from the goat – Let’s Figure It Out Together! As I said, I’m no guru, but, if there’s something good on the television or in Magazines that are worth celebrating, I’ll celebrate it, but, I don’t get too carried away and I hope some of the things I share, will help shed some kind of light in both our lives, because, I’m also learning and enjoying every bit of it. I dislike ‘looking down’ on people, that’s just WRONG on ALL grounds! We’re not meant to be sick, at least not the way some fraternities glamorise it to be; we’re all beautiful, no matter our heights, sizes or beliefs! You don’t like some aspect of your life – CHANGE IT, we all have the ability to change what we do not like about ourselves and yes, as much as some of us may not like it, we were ALL created equal! Where we may “seemingly” fall short, we have the ability to lend support to each other and “prop” each other up.

So, after typing all of that what in the world is my message? “Love Life in a Healthy and Caring Manner! Uplift while being Lifted Up!” That’s all! You know, A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!


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