Health: Going Back To Basics

Before there were outrageous ailments, diseases that became ‘incurable’, weird ingredients in foods that we do not know how to pronounce and snacks with no nutritional content what-so-ever, there were communities looking after the livelihood of each other. The great news is that even though we have fast forwarded to our current day, there still are communities rebuilding and seeking the livelihood of each other. We often hear about sustainable life and it sounds savvy, but it’s all about building the basic fundamentals of healthy living.

Healthy living isn’t only about eating right, but, it’s about connecting; connecting with the Earth that grows our food, communicating with our food in the crops we nurture and sharing with our neighbours and infecting the community with this bond. When we ‘infect’ each other with this type of communal love, we build stronger and healthier nations.

I reside in the Caribbean, and yes, we once had these basics down-pack, but, like everywhere else, we also became modernised, not that anything is wrong with modern lifestyles, it has presented us some of the most beautiful advances to honestly get us ahead, but, we are getting so carried away with the “getting ahead” part, that we are easily forgetting about the principles.

The video I’ve shared is from a series, hosted by PBS and other Wonderful Contributors called Lexicon of Sustainability. The series offers some wonderful insight about building healthy lifestyles from the seed to the farm to our tables and to our neighbours, outer communities, nation and the world. Something which is absolutely Beautiful!

As you know, I’m Still Figuring It Out!

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!


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